LOGIS SA the General Distributor AeroSleep products on the Polish market since 2007.

AeroSleep NV is an innovative Belgian company based in Ninove. AeroSleep technology is based on a quest to increase the security of the child's sleeping environment, particularly in terms of cot death. Aerosleep company plays a leading role through continuous investments aimed at improving the safety of young children during sleep. In addition, over the last few years, the company still showed AeroSleep innovation and conducted a series of studies on children sleep, sweating and causes of cot death. It is a serious investment in research AeroSleep distinguished from other manufacturers accessories for children. Products AeroSleep give your child a safe and hygienic sleep, both at home and on vacation. Achieving this effect is possible thanks to the unique technology of spatial and use of research results to develop products. AeroSleep offer includes all sizes of mattresses and mats for mattresses and bed sheets. Products AeroSleep AeroMoov Series will be great to serve your child in the car and in a pram.


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