Rental of production halls

We offer the rental of production facilities in the area of modules ranging in size from 320 square meters to 790 square meters (total area of 5 581 square meters with the possibility of development)


  • possibility to use adjacent to the building site
  • storage facilities - Logistics
  • separate office space and social space
  • low-cost distribution of goods
  • parking for trucks and cars
  • internal roads suitable for truck traffic
  • the ability to run a railway siding


  • stacking height of 6.4 m
  • reloading gate level "0"
  • two independent power supplies with a total capacity of 8.4 MW
  • medium pressure gas network
  • two of its own water intake treatment station. The water meets the standards of natural spring water - water source for development


  • Real estate in the whole area fenced with twosecured Gates.
  • monitoring - CCTV
  • security


Agnieszka Bednarek-Pankiewicz
Tel. (+48) 695 135 057
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