Rental of warehouse space

We offer the rental of warehouses in the modules from 500 square meters to 10 000 square meters (total area of warehouse space is 38 251 square meters, expandable to 120 000 square meters)


  • dedicated space for freezers or refrigerators
  • docks with rubber seals
  • parking for trucks and cars
  • internal roads suitable for truck traffic
  • the ability to run a railway siding


  • stacking height of 6.5 m
  • medium pressure gas network
  • two independent power supplies with a total capacity of 8.4 MW
  • two of its own water intake treatment station. The water meets the standards of natural spring water - water source for development
  • floor dusting of high strength


  • full time security
  • monitoring - CCTV
  • Real estate in the whole area fenced with two secured gates
  • Professional services of entrusted goods


Agnieszka Bednarek-Pankiewicz
Tel. (+48) 695 135 057
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